Sunday, 26 July 2009

Day Out

*sigh* This is soOooO depressing. We took some photos at Glenelg before our buffet dinner yesterday to celebrate my brother's good results for the term. We already knew that he had gotten 2 distinctions for two of his subjects at the time and told him that if he gets a high distinction for the last subject, we'll treat him to a buffet. I wanted to load them up on Facebook to show dad and sis back in Malaysia but I look horribly bloated in all those photos! >__<" argh..I'll be selfish and decline to show my ugly face. We decided to make a day out of it and went in the morning to do some grocery shopping at Chinatown. The next destination was IKEA since it's one of mum's favourite outlet? lol..what do ppl call IKEA? I dont think shopping mall fits the bill and shop sounds wrong too. ANYway, my sis and I got weak in the knees at around 3pm and decided to break our fast and buy a hotdog to share. Yeah..chinese people do that. Fast on the day of a buffet so that there's space to fill in more food and get our money's worth. The last destination before dinner is Harbour Town, a shopping outlet in Adelaide. We rushed in to grab a pair of crocs for my sis and then had time to stroll around. On the way to Glenelg, my brother stopped by the airport to look at airplanes landing as he's a real airplane fanatic. (His laptop, facebook and friendster are full of pictures of planes! His knowledge of them are pretty impressive) Unfortunately, we did not make a reservation at the buffet restaurant and had to take the earliest slot at 5pm. The place was seriously packed to the rafters. As hungry as we were, after a plate full, everyone's stuffed like turkeys. I always say buffets are like KFC and pizzas. After you've had them, you vow never to let your body go through such torture again. Think of the calories, carbohydrates and fat swimming in your blood system. But after a few months have passed, you forgot your vow and let your body go through the whole thing again. Heh..The fickleness of human mind. In the car on our way back home, my younger sis asked us all to make a sound together. My brother asked her what sound (I thought she wanted us to sing together or something) and she started to make this horrendous gagging sound. lol.. p/s: After looking at the photos taken, I wish I'd really vomitted all the contents out!


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