Saturday, 1 August 2009


Today had been fun. I took the bus down to chinatown to meet my mum, sis and bro for dinner after work. Mum had to get her chest x-ray done for her visa extension application and it costs around aud 90. All in all I think we spent not less than aud300+ for her visa. Hmm..I think it's all worth it if she can stay with us till end of the year.
The infamous 'nice looking' steamed chicken with chinese sausage and mushroom
All the 3 dishes we ordered

We went to one of our favourite chinese restaurant and ordered 3 dishes. A salt and pepper egg plant (Yummy! It's fried but fluffy..really delicious), a steamed chicken with mushroom and chinese sausage (nice presentation but doesnt taste that nice..too plain) and a peking fried pork ribs (quite nice too). Our neighbouring table saw the chicken, thought it looked nice and ordered the same dish. Tempted to tell them it only 'looks' nice but I didnt there. I'll post up the photos once my bro has uploaded them. We didnt order a lot as we always cant finish everything and my brother has started to complain that we've turned him into a garbage bin. It's true..we would shove all leftovers to him and now he refuses to listen to our pleas. I dont know why but my weird family has the habit of leaving a piece of food on each plate.

I found a few eye make up tutorials on youtube and am itching to try them out. I've never actually put on eye shadows before as it seemed troublesome. The most I do is put on eyeliners. Now that I've seen the tutorials, they dont seem that hard! But first I want to get all the brushes that they use! Shopping time!


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