Sunday, 16 August 2009

Fitness Craze

My sis and I signed up as members of Fitness First about 2 weeks ago in our bid to lose weight and we officially started going last Monday. We went everyday after work and after a 1 1/2-hour workout, hit the showers before heading back home by train. Mum was supposed to join with us but changed her mind as the membership fees are so expensive. She's currently on our guest pass though and has been twice. We havent tried out any of the classes on offer but there's a yoga session tomorrow and we will check that out. I personally would really like to try the Body Combat session as they look really cool. It's a bit daunting though coz they all look like pros and am able to follow instructions whereas I am a klutz and will probably end out sprawled flat on my face. I looOoOove the whole experience. The thrill of counting all those calories that I am able to burn off everyday makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Here's hoping that by the end of the year I'll be able to shop for clothes half the size I wear now. KL shopping here we come!

Was chatting with elder sis and she told me how she was 'informed' by my baby nephew that he wants her to buy him a new small toy car. I was like...huh? excuse me?? he can talk? and she was like" still talks in his own language but I's parent's instinct" (at this point an image of her and the baby trying to make sense of what each other was saying popped into mind x_x) She went on to explain that my nephew woke up in a really good mood that morning and was happily playing with his toy cars (how come baby boys know that they should play with cars and not dolls?? has it been programmed into their subconciousness from embryo-hood?) but when he couldnt get one of the cars to go through the hole of a ladder, he lost his temper, threw the car away and went to his toy storage box to search for smaller cars. Failing to find any, he started bawling and showed my sis that there's no small cars available (I sis is psychic..if he'd shown me the box crying I'd have thought that he peed in it) Anyway, my brother in-law promised to buy him one and all's well in the end. That sounds fun-ner than playing mystery games on the net rite?

p/s: sis accidentally said 'delivious' instead of delicious one time so now it's stored in our dictionary as a bad for you but scrumptious foods. Delivious = Devil + Delicious


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