Tuesday, 17 July 2007

3rd Month Anniversary!!

Hip Hip Hurray! Today marks exactly the third month of me working in my current company...*sigh*finally. The letter of confirmation and offer of increament makes coming here and uprooting myself again totally worthwhile. I'm so so glad. Praise the Lord! Now that I am working oversea, I cant help checking the rate every now and then to see how much I am earning in Malaysian Ringgit. I used to dread seeing the rise in Australian currency while I was at Uni but now all I can see is the dollar sign. *kaachinnggg!* $$$ ... lol. Hmmm...tho it wont make much difference as my sis is studying here and my bro is coming next year. Money earned is money spent <---- so true for me. Me, my sister and a housemate decided to celebrate by eating out. Unfortunately for us, the restaurant that we've chosen randomly proves that 'an expensive restaurant picked without thought is a stupid act'. The dish is small, ok-ok taste (nothing extraordinary and certainly doesnt deserve the price) and they forgot our dish of spring rolls. The dish my housemate ordered is even worse. She ordered a non-spicy phad thai but blistered her tongue and made a sausage out of her lips with only a few tablespoon of the dish. We complained but they refused to change saying it is supposed to be spicy (I shudder to think of anyone ordering the spicy one). My housemate gave up trying, took it home, add cups of water and re-cook the whole thing. Poor girl.