Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Long Weekend

14th June was a public holiday as Australians celebrated the Queen’s birthday (as well as Volunteer’s Day in SA). The long weekend started typically for us. After work on Friday, we went to Chinatown for some grocery shopping and dinner as usual. The rest of the night at home was spent webcam-ing with brother in-law in a Q&A session about home loans. I am in awe of people who are really quick with numbers. Whenever he gave me examples on interest calculations, I had to stop him while I let my brain and calculator churn out the figures and try to make sense of what he said. *sigh* I am an embarrassment to my fellow Chinese who are known to be good in maths. My brain automatically shuts down and my eyes glazed over whenever anyone starts talking in numerical terms. My boss probably knows that well enough. A few days ago, we were discussing about one particular project and numbers came up. In answer to his question (can’t remember but it’s a multiply equation---real easy) I shoot off a number, looked at him and he was like..huh? and I was like..why huh? and he said..no, it’s xxx and I was like (in my mind of course) WTH..how could I have gotten something like that wrong?

Back track---back track. I only went to bed around 2 something and had to wake up early the next day. We rented out yet another room to one of my brother’s friend and had to clear out the front bedroom. I re-organized my walk-in robe to make space for my brother and sister’s clothes. Brother starts complaining about how we always fret that we have nothing to wear when our wardrobe is already packed to the rafters. Note to boy : Most of the clothes are only for shows and not for wear. This is perfectly NORMAL FOR GIRLS! Anyway, I had to pack away all my summer clothes to make way. We also moved the furniture around and now the room looks more spacious. It feels like I’ve moved to a new bedroom. Everything looks different.

We went to Sunday Mass the very next day and did some ingredient shopping for vegetarian kuey teow and mashed potatoes to bring to the picnic on Monday. Hanging out with vegans made me more aware of what to actually look out for when preparing vegetarian foods. Who knew that even sauces (fish sauce the obvious example, sweet chilli sauce which contains garlic the not so obvious) may potentially render the dish unedible. After that I went back to the office to save some drawing that I need to complete for Tuesday’s meeting.

We made plans with another group of friends (about 10 of us) to have buffet at Fresh Choice that night. A friend’s boss recommended the place so we thought we’d give it a go. I’d rate it a 5 out of 10. The food’s nothing special and it comes at a fairly high price in my opinion ($21.50 p/p on weekends). I foolishly wore a tight skirt and halfway through the meal, I had to consciously stand/sit up straight as my sis told me that I’m beginning to slouch like an old man. (Standing straight made me feel like my stomach’s about to burst). Pure torture…Never again! Until the next craving that is. (refer to previous post about buffet). Well, after that, everyone decided to hang out at the Pool Lounge at West Terrace. I’ve never been to a pool lounge before and thought that it’d be a really shady place but it’s surprisingly interesting. Go google up “Empire Pool Lounge at West Terrace, Adelaide” and you’ll get to see the interior picture. I tried my hand at pool but I suck. At some point, even managing to get a white ball in is preferable. My brother played a really good game and my sis did ok too. Overall an interesting night out.

On Monday we had to wake up early to prepare the food to bring to the picnic. It starts at noon and took place at a park NEXT to the Botanical Garden. We ended up walking around in the Botanical Garden with the foods for up to an hour getting lost as we assumed that the picnic will take place IN the Botanical Garden. That walk serves its purpose though. It whipped up our appetite. Everyone prepared a sumptuous feast and I especially like the vegetarian curry. There’s also curry puffs, chocolate fig cake, fried bee hoon, our kuey teow and mashed potatoes, palm sugar and santan jelly, ‘luo han guo’ drink, fried mee and some snacks. It’s a beautiful day out if a little cold.

By the time we reach home, it’s nearly 5 and I was exhausted. Took a nap and woke up to do a bit of work that I’ve put off until the last minute. Back in bed by 12am and spent the next half an hour stressing about work.

Argh… no more holiday till October!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Potty Conversation

Conversation that took place between my mum and nephew while he was sitting on his potty.

Joel : Everyday you have to let the stool come out huh.
Mum : Who said that? (She actually meant 'Who told you that?')
Joel : Joel

He then saw the cross on my mum's necklace and pointed to it.

Joel : Why is Jesus on the cross? (and proceeded to answer himself) Because Jesus can protect grandma. Jesus died on the cross. (awwwwwww)

He's so cute and innocent!! I feel like I could float over and give him a mighty hug. My sis told me that I cant call him a baby anymore since he is turning four in December. Well, makes no difference to me. He'll forever be a baby in my eyes. Ah man...I miss him!