Thursday, 29 October 2015

Free Bus Ride!

I rode the bus for free today.

Got on the bus, swiped my card and realised that it is low on fund and I don't have enough for the ticket.  No problem.  Took out my purse and, horror of horrors, discovered that there's no cash nor coins at all in there.  *sweat*  Started raiding my bag and turned everything upside down.  Not a cent.  Damn.  By this point, I contemplated looking around with puppy eyes and hope that some kind soul get the point and offer to lend me the money.  Exchange the money with the apple I have in my lunch bag, maybe.  Before I even lifted my head, I already know the task is too much to ask for a thin skinned person like myself.

So, with my head bowed low, I went up to the bus driver and told him with a sheepish smile.  "Sorry, I am out of fund and realised that I forgot to bring any cash today" *cue puppy eyes*  The driver looked at me and said "Go and sit down.  Next time remember to top up"  (puppy eyes must have worked) I shuffled back to my seat, a little embarrassed.  Heard a few guys whispering at the back "What happened?" "She forgot to bring cash" Put on my earphones to block the noise and thought to myself...It's ok...I get to ride for free today...

I could have topped up my card on the bus on the spot from my phone with my credit card if Adelaide Metro doesn't take a whole 24 hour to process a purchase online.  Time to step it up guys.  It's the 15th year of the 21st century for goodness sake.  Everything should be by card.

p/s:  Thanked mister driver before I got off the bus.  Should've given him a thumbs up and my apple.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Of Fears and Cowardice

Here's a 'not so secret' secret.  I have this insurmountable fear of bad people breaking into my home.  I can even go so far as to claim that this probability strikes more spine chilling fear into me than any apparition of any kind could.  My sister can certainly vouch for that as she had, on countless occasions, been scared shit-less from my many imaginings.  So here I am, broadcasting my historical accounts for everyone's enjoyment.

First instance of imagination gone wild was a few years back when we were living in our previous house.  There were only me and my younger sister in the house then as everyone else had gone back for a holiday.  Something in our wardrobe fell down with a crash which sent the both of us into panic.   We thought that someone managed to crash their way into our house and armed with hangers and a blow dryer, we locked ourselves in the ensuite until a friend came to our rescue.

Second incident happened back home in our hometown when I went to visit dad.  That night I bunked in the same room as dad since all the other rooms' a/c filter hadn't been cleaned in ages.  In bed, I heard a weird sound and woke dad up.  Told him that it sounded like someone was trying to saw their way into our grilled laundry area on the second floor.  Dad listened and almost convinced, got out his *self defence weapon and with me following behind with a steel tube cleaner thingy, went to check out the laundry area.  Nothing.  Stood and still heard the sound of something sawing at steel but couldn't make out where it came from.  So dad convinced me to go back to sleep and told me not to worry  as everything had been locked up properly. The very next day, after extensive investigation, dad announced that the sound came from our neighbour s dog.  Apparently, the dog was chained to a post and as it was pacing around, the chain being pulled along the concrete floor created the sound that confused us.

Third one happened where we are currently livng.  As we were getting ready for bed, my sister and I heard a loud bang coming from our ground floor front door.  Trying to be braver, we stepped out of our rooms to check what it was but another loud bang (sounded like our door had been crashed open) sent us scuttling back to my sister's room and locked the door.  I grabbed a chair from my sister's desk, leaned it against the door, so that the back of the chair will help  stop the handle from going all the way down, and started to drag out all the heavy luggages from the walk in robes to stack on top of and under the chair.  While I was busy being superwoman and trying to move all those heavy bags, my sister looked out her glazed balcony door and saw a motorcycle driving out of our front yard.  We realised then that it was probably someone knocking loudly on our front door.  Probably a pizza delivery guy.  Curse you.

The last account happened early in the year back in our home town.  Our family home is double storey and on our trip home, the house was undergoing a major renovation.  As a result, we had to move from room to room (to sleep in at night) depending on where the work was taking place.  On this particular day, mum, my sister and I have opted to sleep in the second bedroom on the First floor while dad and my brother decided to take the smaller room on the Ground floor.  The house had been broken into once when no one was at home, and a few valuables were stolen.  Since then, dad had upped the security and every time we leave the house or go to bed at night, we would turn on the alarm.

In the middle of the night, a sound, of something being knocked over or someone going through the drawers, woke me up from my sleep.  As I sat up wondering where the sound came from (being really paranoid), the alarm of our house went off.  Mum and sis woke up and I whispered to them that I heard a noise just before the alarm went off.  They were a little more sceptical at first and thought that it could have been an insect tripping off the alarm.  So we turned the alarm off and on again.  Within seconds, the alarm went off for the 2nd time and by this time, all of us were hyperventilating as this could only mean that there's someone walking about in the house.  My sister called dad to tell him what I heard and to demand that him and my brother stay in their room.  There's obviously a miscommunication at this stage.  Anyway, we decided to leave the alarm on in an effort to 'scare off' the intruders.  However, right after my sister hung up from talking to dad, we heard the sound of footsteps walking around the hallway and into the empty master bedroom.  I started to desperately push a cabinet towards the door in an effort to block the only entry into the room.  My sister was at this point, getting really hysterical and mum was on the phone to aunt, trying to get the phone no. of the nearby police station.  I remember thinking to myself...THIS TIME IT'S REAL!!! And then....all of a sudden, we heard a knock on our bedroom door and dad's voice calling out for us to open the door.

Everything unfolded then.  Dad was the one who set off the alarm.  He was also the one who was walking around the hallway and the master bedroom trying to find the 'intruder' that we were talking about (even though we distinctly told him to stay in his room) and the one who probably made the noise that woke me up when he opened his bedroom door.  I still don't know where the miscommunication between him and my sister occurred but if we were told that he was the one who tripped off the alarm in the first place, it would have saved us from a hell lot of suffering.  Funny story to share with our friends though lol.

P/s: Starting to feel like the boy who cried wolf :(