Sunday, 6 September 2009

Royal Adelaide Show

We went to the Royal Adelaide Show yesterday and took public transport as parking tickets around the area would be astronomical. Happily, the weather is just sky, sunny and not too hot. I've been to the event twice but it's mum's first visit and I can fairly say that we all enjoyed the outing. We took the 1.30pm train down to the city and then an express train to the show ground. Reached there around 2pm. Luckily my sis bought the tickets beforehand so we didnt have to queue up (Yeay!)

We planned to stay on until the fireworks display at 9pm and anticipated that the temperature would drop drastically at night. Unfortunately, my brother who was wearing a very thin t-shirt, either forgot to bring his jacket or have the misguided notion that he is a super-being with the ability to withstand cold. We spent the day keeping our eyes peeled for jackets on sale as well as taking in the scenes. Funnily, the very first thing we bought on site is a hair removal product and exfoliator. (Smooooth legs - with extra emphasise on the

While browsing around, we happened upon a flower costume show. (Jenny Gillies Wearable Blooms) It's...interesting...but not enough to hold our attention for long. Some of the costumes are ravishing and I would have loved to own them but as mum said..walk down the street in them and you'd have swept everyone else out of your path.

There's arts and craft display ranging from open cake decorations, embroideries, soft toys, pastries, etc. All the cakes, cookies and muffins look yummylicious. Even the ginger bread houses. I wonder what would happen to them once the show comes to a conclusion. Brings to mind the phrase 'All beautiful things come to an end'

After that, we headed on towards the carnival and rides area. We were only there for a 'look see' as none of us feels up to the 'thrill' of rides. And we were cautious not to waste money on skills we have no confidence in testing. What I regretted most is that we went home without any soft toys or goodie bags to show for our time there!

Dog Pavilion was next on the list. All cute and well groom but searching high and low, we couldnt find the gigantic dogs that we saw on our previous visit. Very disappointing. I was rather hoping to ride on their backs this time around. *sigh* We didnt get to see any of the competitions (pig racing which would have been cute, woodcutting, sheep judging and I dare say many many more).
Luckily for my brother, we found him a jacket just as night was approaching and there's a cold bite to the air. After buying our dinners (lamb yiros and chips - the food is quite frankly really yucky), we headed on towards the main arena to search for seats. We were just in time to watch the pony trot which was hilarious. One of the ponies has really stubby legs and kept on getting left behind. Next on were the Farm Skills Challenge which is not as interesting. The Toyota Hilux Heroes is ok but some scenes were repetative, the Double Dan I cant remember anything about (yeah..looking at the programs listing now), the Trackskill Holden V8 Ute vs Nissan Silvia Drift Car is boring as well and we think that the 'volunteer' driving the Holden is actually a pro. The show we enjoyed most is the Freestyle MotorX Team. The bikers were absolutely awesome. The stunts were outrageous and had the crowds going wild. And then last but not least, the event that we have all been waiting for...the fireworks display. It's not living up to standard but we enjoyed it nevertheless.
All in all, a well spent day eventhough I still feel a little deprived as there's no 'memoriabilia' to show for our outing. Even a tiny ugly pink panther or tweety bird won from the carnival would have been acceptable! Argh!