Monday, 1 November 2010

October Trip to Penang

Heart feels heavy thinking about my nephew's cries when we left for the airport. Clutching at my hands through the grilled gates. Heart-breaking. Glad that I was able to spend the majority of my time with him this trip though. He's grown so much and becomes so talkative. So much fun to be with. A lot of whys that I couldn't really answer. (I usually give him some random answer when I am not sure and he'd keep quiet. Probably thinking "This yi yi is no good") *sigh* Missing him desperately.

Dad flew down from Bintulu to join us as well. The vacation this time was more relaxing. Not much rushing about except for the 2 hours drive from Penang to Ipoh. We were late in arriving as the traffic was horrendous. Apparently there were 3 accidents that day. We were so behind schedule that my bro-in law had to drive straight to the hotel where my cousin is holding her wedding banquet. Fortunately, we were given loan of the honeymoon suite to change and make-up at top speed. Embarrassingly though, the bride was still making last minute preparation in the room. Even more embarrassing is the fact that the happy couple left for the banquet before us. Aih...the shame and indignity of it all. The rest of the event passed on smoothly enough. The bride is gorgeous in both the white longish bridal dress and the green beaded knee length cheongsam. The one thing that is stuck on my mind during the banquet is the fact that a lot of people seemed to enjoy singing karaoke on stage. I wonder if it is a West Malaysian thing. I think it's admirable...especially the groom's father who really looked like he is having fun. He sang a military sounding song with gusto. Very cute. I am not sure if the song has any connection with a wedding but wth, as long as everyone's happy. I asked dad if he'd consider singing on a stage. His reply is "If it's your wedding, I will sing"....awww....haha, I'll remember this pa.

The next morning we had breakfast at a famous dim sum restaurant in Ipoh called Foh San. I absolutely love it. The atmosphere, the food....everything about it. Definitely coming back again. We had a great meal and everyone enjoyed themselves. Only remembered to take photos halfway through the meal. After that, we drove to where the bride's family stayed (a house they rented for the wedding) for a quick visit. It was too hot to consider visiting anywhere else so we drove straight back to Penang. The drive back was surprisingly quick as traffic was good.

After a quick late lunch and dropping the guys at home, us girls went to a saloon for hair cuts and perms. I originally planned to have a cut and perm but was told that my curls are still intact. As such, I opted for a cut and a hair dye. Mum and sis had a hair cut and permed their hairs. While on our way to the saloon, sis reminded me not to inform anyone of the fact that I work in Australia in case they decide to slaughter us (price-wise of course). So when the stylist asked where I came from, I smartly answered that I am working in Penang. Let me re-construct (with the help of my sis who eavesdropped from the chair next to mine) the whole conversation.

Stylist : Where do you come from? You dont sound like you come from Penang.

Me : Oh...I come from Sarawak but am working here in Penang.
Stylist : long have you stayed here?
Me : Um...a year and a half I guess.
Stylist : Where do you work?
Me : (taken by surprise, my mind went "OMG! I didnt think of this!) now varied thoughts crossed my mind. Should I admit that I am an architect? but I dont know any architectural firm in Penang. What to do?? the only thing that came to mind is my sis's company and as the stylist was looking at me all puzzled, I had no choice but to blurt out the name) errrr...... Avago.
Stylist : Oh? Avago? Never heard of that...?
Me : (oh freaking please dont ask me where coz I have no idea!) Well's Penang. An electrical and electronic company.
Stylist : So, you're an engineer?
Me : Um..yeah. (kept glancing over at sis and trying to catch her eyes. She's talking to her stylist and I was sincerely hoping that she wont tell him that she's working in Avago and give us away)
Stylist : ....(here I averted my eyes and tried to look busy reading the magazine. If he asked me what I do as an engineer then I am dead meat)

Luckily my sis overheard our conversation and am smart enough to tell her stylist that she worked in her previous company. If I am holding onto the hope that the conversation sounded normal and not as fishy as what my mind is telling me, it was completely and utterly shattered by my sis. She laughed her head off as she recounted my conversation in the car. Sien. I'm never going back to that saloon.

We did a lot of shopping this time around. I absolutely love every single items that I bought. We once spent a couple hundreds (lol...the figure is too shocking to reveal) in just one shop. Wish there's a lot of events to attend so that I can wear my dresses (fat chance here in Adelaide). No more shopping for me for at least a year.

Besides that I also managed to bake quiche and cook spaghetti australian style (with thickened cream). Speaking of which, the bacon that I bought from Adelaide has been confiscated by the immigration in Penang. Upsetting since I used to think that the rules are pretty slack in Malaysia. They almost seized my 3 expensive sheep skins. I nearly passed out. 'Luckily' they only took my bacon and let the skins pass. They handed me a leaflet and made me sign a form saying that I've been a bad girl bringing illegal things to Malaysia. By right, they should have taken my thickened creams and shredded cheese as well since diary products are in the list of things not to bring. Mangoes are also a big no-no. No animals. No bacons, frankfurts, sausages, etc. Avocado, strawberries are ok. I cant really remember what else but it's a pretty long list. Note to self: do not bring gifts of food or anything even remotely animal like during my next trip.

Aih, I am already missing everyone back in Malaysia. Dad, da jie...and my precious nephew. Till my next trip again everyone!

p/s: It's great having mum back in Australia with us again! She complained about our lack of housekeeping and proceeded to bring everything under control again. Long live parents of the world!!