Saturday, 25 September 2010

Life is good!

First off..Congrats da jie for moving into her new apartment! Whoop! Whoop! Cant wait to go back and check out their new abode. Mum reported (via dad as there's no internet connection yet in the new house) that it's very cool (as in no need for air-cond. cool) and looks great. Makes me itch to redecorate my own home as well. I want new bookshelves, lots of lamps and more porcelain dolls!

It's nearly the end of the year. Many things have come to pass and many more to look forward to. My trip back to Malaysia in October, mum's trip back to Australia with me, brother's graduation at the end of the year and our family trip to Sydney and Gold Coast. Unfortunately, da jie and her family wouldn't be able to join for various reasons. Have no fear jie! You will not be forgotten! We will think of you when we are having fun! >_<

Ahh...all in all an up and down year. Some excitement (not a lot though) and some very low lows (quite a lot). However, am still glad to be alive regardless. "Every cloud has a silver lining" don't they say? I love that. I think that it's true to every aspect of life. Sometimes, something happens and you think that your life is over..or that you will never be able to smile from the heart again...never find joy in life. Hmm...wait, that sounds kindda superficial. Rephrase----Something happens, and you feel cannot see an end to the tunnel of despair (lol..sorry! my brain kept spouting these cheesy lines!) Well anyway, something happens that makes you feel like being alive/dead makes not much difference. I think everyone has gone through such phase before. Life is full of ups and downs, curves and bumps. Of course, everyone experiences different things and to say that you understand is a little presumptuous. However, whenever I hear or read about people committing suicides, I felt really regretful. For the poor guy/girl who must feel like they have reached the end of the road. To be so overwhelmed with despair that they cannot see a way out other than dying. But most of all, I regret the life that they could have had. If I could say one thing to them, I would say...Please, ride out the pain and suffering for there will surely be a day when you will be glad to be alive.

-__-"..Boy, am I glad I am not a suicide helpline volunteer. I really can't think of anything else to say besides that. Anyway, that topic's way off from my first paragraph. I am listening to this song (林宥嘉 - 神秘嘉賓) and it's so good it made me feel all fuzzy and warm.

I bought a painting kit last week. Suddenly felt an itch to rediscover the joy of painting. I'm basically finished with the sketches (something I liked and grabbed off the internet).'s neither landscape nor still life painting. I am not that profound. It's a cartoon that I think looks cute. haha...I'll donate it to my nephew's new bedroom if it comes out ok. If it doesnt come out ok you'll still have to keep it jie. Treat it as...a lesson of not to do when painting. =p

Yum cha tomorrow! Yes! Life is good!