Saturday, 10 October 2009

Gift confusion

I received a package from a friend back in Malaysia a few days ago. There's a cute little bag with earrings and a bracelet inside. I loOove accessories and I guess everyone is aware of that as I always seem to get them for birthdays, farewells and as gifts. \(^^)/

Well, two days ago a postman came to our house to deliver another package for me. Mum was in the kitchen so didnt hear the knock and mr.postman slipped a notice requesting that we retrive the package from a post office nearby. My brother went to get it yesterday while I was at work but left it in the car and forgot about it. While I was at gym this morning though, mum suddenly remembered and asked my sis to get it from the car. She went to the car and saw the jacket immediately. She tried it on to show mum while I was still at the gym. Apparently, my brother was a little confused by the whole thing but didnt have the chance to say anything as everyone was rushing around getting ready to go out.

When I got into the car at the train station, my sis told me that the package is a jacket and that it's from the same friend who sent me the accessories. I asked her to describe the jacket to me. She told me that it's a little bulky and black. She didnt seem enthusiastic so I guessed that it wont be to my taste. Surprised as well since she sent such a bulky item. Must've cost a bomb. My brother then informed me that there's another package for me in the front console. It's a box with mooncakes inside. From the same friend. By this point I was thinking, wow, what's the occassion?

Anyway, we went on to the shopping mall and spent lots of money as always. When we got home, my sis got the jacket out and tried it on for me to see. It's black and bulky...that's all I can say. I even not my taste. It looks too manly and I asked my brother if he wants to try it on. While my sis was strutting around and twirling in the jacket, my bro who was watching from the sink suddenly remarked "Eh! Where the hell did you find that jacket?" My sis replied "From the car-lah" at which point my brother collapsed laughing. He told us that it's the jacket that his friend left in our car the night before. He belatedly told us that the only package he got from the post office is the box of mooncakes. He initially thought that the postman delivered the jacket personally this morning (Stupid..who works on a saturday??) hence the confusion.

*sigh* My stupid, blur but beloved family.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Festival of Aidilfitri at Adelaide Uni

Here goes...this is long overdue. The event happened like 2 weeks ago and I have put off writing for as long as I can. Frankly, I am too lazy (also because Detective Conan has taken up most of my time. Kyah!! >__<) If anyone asks me, I would say that the hobby I am most dedicated to is procrastinating. *sigh*

That saturday (26th Sept. 2009 to be exact) after our yoga class at the gym, my sis and I joined mum, bro and his friends for free meals at Adelaide Uni. *hic* It's actually an 'open house' sponsored by UMNO for the festival of Aidilfitri. This is the first time I've set foot in the Uni and , honestly, I am impressed. I love the 'feel' of it - Oldish buildings with quirky sculptures and structures thrown in, biggish courtyards, lots of trees, lots of steps and open spaces. What's not to love? Especially since it's situated almost in the centre of the city. I would have loved to study there. Argh..really miss my uni days. Hanging out with friends after class - everyday is different and promises variety. Working life sucks. Everything's so regimented these days!

My brother and friends. ( They look like quintuplets dont they? Same height, same build)

Me and mum

Bro and Sis

The er..event was already in full swing by the time we arrive. There's 2 separate tents set up for food. One's where everyone lines up, holds out their plastic plates and the persons in charge dishes out different kinds of Malay food. We said 'Terima Kasih' and everyone smiled benignly. It's pretty embarrassing for me to tell the truth. I felt like a refugee lining up for food. There's bite-till-your-teeth-fall-off lemang (rice cooked in bamboo), chicken curries (there's 2 types I think but I cant differentiate. I am a failure) which are nice but a little too spicy, nasi biryani (nice!), acar(a type of vegetable pickles cum salad), drinks and cookies. The cornflakes cookie is my fav. I am sure they have a more glamourous name but I dont bake and I dont know so I'll stick to that name.

Rojak - The only food we took picture of

The second tent houses the laksa and rojak. The laksa was a little worrying as I've never had a green coloured laksa with tuna. I initially thought that it's because they couldn't afford to put in prawns and so substituted that with tuna. har har...em..all I can say is it's my first and probably last. My mum and bro liked it though. My friend soon informed me Terengganu laksa uses fish so the laugh's on me. =p Rojak is nice but by that time I am really full.

'Karaoke session'

It's a lovely event. Wish there's something like this for Chinese New Year as well in Adelaide. Probably when hell freezes over?