Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Reality TV

Hmm..Last night's My Kitchen Rules Grand Final was a major let down.  Leigh and Jen came out the champions.  How, what, why?  I am still baffled. Was so sure the boys would win.  Their dessert looked soOOo good I raided the fridge for ice cream just to subdue my craving.  I accept that it's probably the taste that won the judges over but getting 10 out of 10 scores is just too much.  Aren't presentations taken into consideration as well? Frankly, the girls' dessert looks unfinished and what about their congee entree?  Didn't the judges think that it's too light a.k.a tasteless? =/  I am beginning to think who goes out and when are all predetermined in shows like this.  Sucks.

How could this not win???!!!

Speaking of tv show, Please Marry My Boy Finale will be aired tonight.  I know I am probably watching too much reality TV but shows like this I just can't miss.  It's so funny I watch just for laughs.  Really..why anyone would subject themselves to such embarrassments is beyond me.

I blame mum for making me veg out in front of the tv.  Since she came, I've been spending waaaay too much time in the lounge room.  If not for her, I'd be in my room...playing......draw something......

Monday, 26 March 2012

Lunch Break

My boss called in sick for the very first time since forever and requested that I cancel his appointments for the day.   Settled that and efficiently plowed through work without the interruptions of telephone calls for the first half of the day.  I am now having a much deserved lunch break in between typing away on my blog and listening to my mp3.  It's great being alone in the office and not having to care if anyone sees me.  Wearing my comfy jumpsuit with my legs tucked under me, glasses instead of contacts and with my annoying fringe clipped up like a dork.  If it's raining, it'll be perfect~ Well, it's awesome now but most of the time, it's just plain lonely, boring and torturous.  There's got to be more to working life than this!!!

Speaking of work, my oral exam is looming up ahead and I am still procrastinating like mad.  Been playing 'draw something' on the go for the whole month and ended up with a data bill that nearly killed me.  So to all my draw buddies, I am sorry for the late response but as of now, draw has been officially banned everywhere except at home or where there's wifi.  >_< 

*sigh* I kept glancing at the time and it's already passed my allocated half an hour.  I haven't even had time to read the news. =(  Better get back to work.  Gah! I'm so bored!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Much Ado About Washing Machine

The washing machine we had at home started to act up and refused to operate on any function other than rinse.  There's a couple of reason why we would never select rinse.  First of all, it takes more than an hour for the cycle to finish instead of the usual 50 mins.  Secondly, there are 3 vigorous spins throughout the whole cycle.  Before the month is up, I predict that we'll all be wearing rags.  There's this worrying clonking and hacking sound as well coming from the machine.  I called the manufacturer's repair centre to have someone come out and have a look.  Were advised that getting someone to attend to the machine for the first 15 mins costs $92.  Subsequent 15 mins will cost us $35 excluding any spare parts.  I gasped, said thank you and hung up.

Sucks.  How to make decisions at times like this? If it's something as simple as changing a bulb (from what I've googled), do I really want to pay that kind of money? What if it's something really major and we're advised that it's more feasible to chuck the machine and get a new one? Do I really want to pay THAT kind of money just to hear that? did what others would do in my position.  I turned to the yellow pages for a second opinion.  Called the first repair shop near my area and as soon as I said the magic words 'Front Loader' the guy at the other end of the line hung up. lol..joking.  He didn't but he said "No can do.  Front loaders are a hell to work with.  You're better off calling the manufacturer's repair centre.  I don't think anyone else would do it".  He should have changed his advert from 'Washing Machine Repair' to 'Top Loader Washing Machine Repair Only'.  There goes my second option.  As my last resort, I turned to google and were ecstatic to find that there's a repair company that does flat rates (meaning charge not based on hours) and have REALLY glowing reviews from past customers.  Rang the company up and was told sorry..they don't do our area. =_= Halo..we're not on the other side of the continent ok.  It does make you wonder though.  They are probably getting heaps of business to be able to say no to a job just because of a few minutes' distance.  Same as a plumber.

Speaking of which, a plumber actually costs more.  I once got in a plumber at a rate of $130/hr.  To repair a broken shower head.  I might add that we initially tried to DIY and buy food with the money saved but ended up flooding the house.  Literally.  Apparently, our effort caused the pipe to burst (without our knowledge) and the carpet of our walk-in-robe next door, our master bedroom as well as our lounge room turned soggy the very next day.  Spent the rest of the day trying desperately to beg a plumber to come rescue us in between blow drying the room and moping up the mess.

Want your son to be a doctor in the future? *Scoff*I predict that the next 'in' occupation would be a plumber.  You have your own business, am able to pick and choose where and when you want to work, be your own boss and earn, well, most probably heaps more than an architect can ever hope to earn. T^T

All I can say is, I've learnt quite a lot from all these fiascoes.
1) Don't buy a front loader washing machine
2) Don't live anywhere not within 10km radius from the city
3) Don't be a smart ass and try to DIY
4) Everyone earns more than an architect