Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Reality TV

Hmm..Last night's My Kitchen Rules Grand Final was a major let down.  Leigh and Jen came out the champions.  How, what, why?  I am still baffled. Was so sure the boys would win.  Their dessert looked soOOo good I raided the fridge for ice cream just to subdue my craving.  I accept that it's probably the taste that won the judges over but getting 10 out of 10 scores is just too much.  Aren't presentations taken into consideration as well? Frankly, the girls' dessert looks unfinished and what about their congee entree?  Didn't the judges think that it's too light a.k.a tasteless? =/  I am beginning to think who goes out and when are all predetermined in shows like this.  Sucks.

How could this not win???!!!

Speaking of tv show, Please Marry My Boy Finale will be aired tonight.  I know I am probably watching too much reality TV but shows like this I just can't miss.  It's so funny I watch just for laughs.  Really..why anyone would subject themselves to such embarrassments is beyond me.

I blame mum for making me veg out in front of the tv.  Since she came, I've been spending waaaay too much time in the lounge room.  If not for her, I'd be in my room...playing......draw something......


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