Monday, 2 April 2012

Birthday and Everything Nice~

The night before my birthday (2012 not 198x) mum announced that we are out of Shao Hsing Jiu (Chinese Rice Wine).  She desperately needs it to cook Chang Sho Mien (Longevity Noodles) for my birthday the next day.  Nothing beats cooking Chang Sho Mien with Foochow Red Wine infused chicken soup but since it is impossible to find one in Adelaide, we have resorted to using bland SHJ.  The only shop open in our area at that hour is the Woolies and the possibility of finding a Chinese rice wine at a local Australian supermarket is nearly nil.  Anyhow, we thought we’d give it a shot since the only other option is to cook the soup without wine, which in my opinion, is equivalent to cooking kimchi fried rice without kimchi.  After searching high and low and almost giving up in despair, I finally spotted a single bottle of SHJ in its full glory on the very top level of a shelf.  Hallelujah! The day (or soup) is saved!  I’ll consider this my birthday gift from God >< ♥

Shao Hsing Jiu

I had the noodles + 2 boiled eggs for breakfast (only 1 for others since I’m the VIP for the day =p), trying very hard to not cut the eggs with my spoon so that my lucks are intact.  Lol..I am THIS old and I still love all these little traditions.  In the middle of the day, mum messaged me while I was at work and apologized for not remembering to wish me a Happy Birthday!  She stayed up late to prepare the ingredients for the soup and got up really early the next day to cook the noodles and still, she felt sorry for not saying what was already obvious from her actions.  T^T I have the greatest mother ever. ♥

Chang So Mien
We made plans to meet up and have dinner at a Japanese restaurant in the city but found out at the very last minute that the restaurant has been shut down.  Since my younger sis and I were early, we decided to take a walk along Rundle Street to see which other restaurant would suit our fancy.  While admiring the clothes on display along the street, she dragged me into a boutique and made me try on a few outfits.  We found a gorgeous black dress and after I tried it on, she insisted on buying it as a birthday gift.  She doesn’t believe in surprise gifts and would rather buy something she is really sure I would love.  I guess I am the opposite of her.  I love surprises – both giving & receiving.  They made my toes tingle XD.  Asking people what they want kindda defeats the purpose in my opinion.  I don’t always give good surprise gifts though.  Especially to my younger sister as she has very firm ideas about the things she thinks suit/doesn’t suit her.  =( In any case, I absolutely love the dress and it’s ingenious of her to buy me something I like and still let me enjoy the process.  Thanks bi! ♥ Mum got me a handbag all the way from Malaysia.  I’ve been admiring the bag while out shopping with her in Penang and were in mental anguish deciding whether to get it or not.  Decided not to in the end because I have already spent waaaay too much.  Mum and elder sis went back to the shop just before mum is due to fly over to Adelaide and got it as a birthday gift for me. ♥ My brother’s girlfriend got me  an adorable owl necklace~  ♥ Brother announced that he didn’t get me anything and if I’d just let him know what I want, he’ll get it for me from ebay.  Haha..guys.  He paid for my birthday cake and dinner and bought a box of my favourite apple ciders so I’ll let him pass.  ♥  Dad and elder sis called to wish me a Happy Birthday.  Miss them and wish they are both here with us. ♥

Dinner @ Brunelli's Cafe, Rundle Street

After dinner, we went home and I changed into my newly bought dress for photo taking session.  ^_^V

My Birthday Gifts.  FYI, serving suggestion for the apple cider : Bloody Cold XD

We put sparklers and a candle on the cake and after taking pictures and making a wish, I blew up the candle.  My brother and his girlfriend REALLY enjoyed the sparklers, as noted from the pictures. 

Birthday Cake & Sparklers

All in all, I had a really good day.  To everyone who’d left birthday wishes and greetings on my fb, sent them through whatsapp, msn messenger, phoned me and even drawn me birthday cakes on draw something (siok tze, andrew and jon – very inspiring! XD) Your wishes and greetings mean the world to me and I would like to say, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.  =)


p/s: I don’t mean to sound like I am dying..and if I sound like I just won an award, I am even more sorry =p but REALLY I am happy! **\ (^___^) /**


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