Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Public Transports

Caught a train home last night and had the unpleasant encounter of having someone who probably hasn’t showered for at least a week, sit on the row in front of me. Tried to act cool at first and resisted pinching my nose but the smell kindda stings and breathing shallowly had me gasping for air after a while. So, I did what the poor guy in front of me did and leaned as far away from the offending person as I could (didn’t help much though).  I have this weird habit of not breathing when I walk pass people, especially if they are running with sweat pouring out of them.  The more shabby and dirty a person looks, the longer I would hold my breath in case the whiff of them haven’t completely disappeared.  I would always choose to sit or stand near a girl/woman.  They generally smell really good and if they’d just washed their hair, I would have to stop myself from sniffing.  Lol.  I love perfumes.

This got me thinking about my experiences in public transports.  There’s an incident in the bus a few years back while I was on my way to the city.  I’ve just taken my seat and a drunkard (he reeked of alcohol..eww) was walking pass me, trying to reach the seat at the back.  The bus started moving and he lost his balance and slammed into the back of my seat.  At the time, he was holding a big glass bottle (seriously..alcohol in the afternoon??) and somehow managed to bang the back of my head with the bottle.  I almost passed out from the pain thinking that I probably have a blood clot that will see me dead the next day.  Shocked and angry, I turned around and said…………….and said “ARE YOU OK??!”  =___=!!

I swear I didn’t mean to ask that.  I was supposed to be saying things like “You banged my head! Careful you idiot!” or “You nearly killed me!”  I guess he really did manage to bash me stupid.  To add insult to injury, he walked off without any word of apology.  Made me want to throw my shoes at him.  I should sue him for physical and emotional damage.

Taking the same bus on the same route for 5 years made a few faces familiar to me.  There’s the kind looking old man who probably had a stroke a few years back since one side of his body is paralyzed.  I always look for him when I reach my bus stop.  If he’s there, it means that I haven’t missed my bus.  He really likes newspapers and is always reading one. I have also observed a girl grown from a cute little child into an…obnoxious and loud adolescent.  I know her name too since she and her mum likes to think that they own the bus and shout conversations over everyone’s heads.  They have breakfast of apples and sometimes yogurt and her mum combs her hair in the bus almost every day.  They sometimes have dinner at ‘nanna’s’ house but she doesn’t really make good pastas so can they please have chinese.  She apparently does well in school, dislikes socializing, etc.  Ugh, even when I’ve mastered the art of tuning out of private conversations, I still know too much.

I don’t dislike public transports though.  The unpredictability and having people around me, even if they’re strangers, are oddly comforting.  Besides, how blissful it is to be able to read while someone else does the driving.  ^_<


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