Tuesday, 28 March 2017

All Within His Plans

Lying down next to my newborn nephew, keeping my eyes on him whilst feeling melancholic and with my thoughts miles away.  At a slight noise, the little one scrunches his face and puckeres his mouth, in readiness for a wail.  My hands reach out to quickly comfort and pat him back to sleep.  Watching his adorable mashimaro face slowly relaxing into slumber, hearing his soft gentle breathing, sniffing his baby smell, my eyes are suddenly open again to how beautiful he is. This little baby, who has caused so much worry and concern, a particularly difficult pregnancy for my sister and his emergancy coming into the world, I can finally feast my eyes on.  It suddenly dawns on me that after all our prayers for his safe delivery, I have forgotten to say a prayer of thanksgiving.  And so I say a quick prayer doing just that and realise in the process, that I have much to be grateful for.  My heart bubbling with newfound appreciation, I grab my sister's bible and begin to thumb out some of my favourite well known verses;

Philippians 4:6-7 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus

Jeremiah 29:11-13 "For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.  You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.  I will be found by you", declares the Lord

I have read somewhere that the verses from Jeremiah have been all too often taken out of context.  That it is not supposed to mean that the Lord will take away your suffering and answer immediately when you call to Him, but that He will make you stronger through adversities.  I believe that this particular adversity that I am facing, will be a catalyst for an overdue change to come.  It is really high time for me to take all this in stride, accept what I do have..the good and the bad, climb out of my comfort zone and change what I do not like without hesitation.  And so I shall trust that everything happened for a reason.  All within His plans.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Free Bus Ride!

I rode the bus for free today.

Got on the bus, swiped my card and realised that it is low on fund and I don't have enough for the ticket.  No problem.  Took out my purse and, horror of horrors, discovered that there's no cash nor coins at all in there.  *sweat*  Started raiding my bag and turned everything upside down.  Not a cent.  Damn.  By this point, I contemplated looking around with puppy eyes and hope that some kind soul get the point and offer to lend me the money.  Exchange the money with the apple I have in my lunch bag, maybe.  Before I even lifted my head, I already know the task is too much to ask for a thin skinned person like myself.

So, with my head bowed low, I went up to the bus driver and told him with a sheepish smile.  "Sorry, I am out of fund and realised that I forgot to bring any cash today" *cue puppy eyes*  The driver looked at me and said "Go and sit down.  Next time remember to top up"  (puppy eyes must have worked) I shuffled back to my seat, a little embarrassed.  Heard a few guys whispering at the back "What happened?" "She forgot to bring cash" Put on my earphones to block the noise and thought to myself...It's ok...I get to ride for free today...

I could have topped up my card on the bus on the spot from my phone with my credit card if Adelaide Metro doesn't take a whole 24 hour to process a purchase online.  Time to step it up guys.  It's the 15th year of the 21st century for goodness sake.  Everything should be by card.

p/s:  Thanked mister driver before I got off the bus.  Should've given him a thumbs up and my apple.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Of Fears and Cowardice

Here's a 'not so secret' secret.  I have this insurmountable fear of bad people breaking into my home.  I can even go so far as to claim that this probability strikes more spine chilling fear into me than any apparition of any kind could.  My sister can certainly vouch for that as she had, on countless occasions, been scared shit-less from my many imaginings.  So here I am, broadcasting my historical accounts for everyone's enjoyment.

First instance of imagination gone wild was a few years back when we were living in our previous house.  There were only me and my younger sister in the house then as everyone else had gone back for a holiday.  Something in our wardrobe fell down with a crash which sent the both of us into panic.   We thought that someone managed to crash their way into our house and armed with hangers and a blow dryer, we locked ourselves in the ensuite until a friend came to our rescue.

Second incident happened back home in our hometown when I went to visit dad.  That night I bunked in the same room as dad since all the other rooms' a/c filter hadn't been cleaned in ages.  In bed, I heard a weird sound and woke dad up.  Told him that it sounded like someone was trying to saw their way into our grilled laundry area on the second floor.  Dad listened and almost convinced, got out his *self defence weapon and with me following behind with a steel tube cleaner thingy, went to check out the laundry area.  Nothing.  Stood and still heard the sound of something sawing at steel but couldn't make out where it came from.  So dad convinced me to go back to sleep and told me not to worry  as everything had been locked up properly. The very next day, after extensive investigation, dad announced that the sound came from our neighbour s dog.  Apparently, the dog was chained to a post and as it was pacing around, the chain being pulled along the concrete floor created the sound that confused us.

Third one happened where we are currently livng.  As we were getting ready for bed, my sister and I heard a loud bang coming from our ground floor front door.  Trying to be braver, we stepped out of our rooms to check what it was but another loud bang (sounded like our door had been crashed open) sent us scuttling back to my sister's room and locked the door.  I grabbed a chair from my sister's desk, leaned it against the door, so that the back of the chair will help  stop the handle from going all the way down, and started to drag out all the heavy luggages from the walk in robes to stack on top of and under the chair.  While I was busy being superwoman and trying to move all those heavy bags, my sister looked out her glazed balcony door and saw a motorcycle driving out of our front yard.  We realised then that it was probably someone knocking loudly on our front door.  Probably a pizza delivery guy.  Curse you.

The last account happened early in the year back in our home town.  Our family home is double storey and on our trip home, the house was undergoing a major renovation.  As a result, we had to move from room to room (to sleep in at night) depending on where the work was taking place.  On this particular day, mum, my sister and I have opted to sleep in the second bedroom on the First floor while dad and my brother decided to take the smaller room on the Ground floor.  The house had been broken into once when no one was at home, and a few valuables were stolen.  Since then, dad had upped the security and every time we leave the house or go to bed at night, we would turn on the alarm.

In the middle of the night, a sound, of something being knocked over or someone going through the drawers, woke me up from my sleep.  As I sat up wondering where the sound came from (being really paranoid), the alarm of our house went off.  Mum and sis woke up and I whispered to them that I heard a noise just before the alarm went off.  They were a little more sceptical at first and thought that it could have been an insect tripping off the alarm.  So we turned the alarm off and on again.  Within seconds, the alarm went off for the 2nd time and by this time, all of us were hyperventilating as this could only mean that there's someone walking about in the house.  My sister called dad to tell him what I heard and to demand that him and my brother stay in their room.  There's obviously a miscommunication at this stage.  Anyway, we decided to leave the alarm on in an effort to 'scare off' the intruders.  However, right after my sister hung up from talking to dad, we heard the sound of footsteps walking around the hallway and into the empty master bedroom.  I started to desperately push a cabinet towards the door in an effort to block the only entry into the room.  My sister was at this point, getting really hysterical and mum was on the phone to aunt, trying to get the phone no. of the nearby police station.  I remember thinking to myself...THIS TIME IT'S REAL!!! And then....all of a sudden, we heard a knock on our bedroom door and dad's voice calling out for us to open the door.

Everything unfolded then.  Dad was the one who set off the alarm.  He was also the one who was walking around the hallway and the master bedroom trying to find the 'intruder' that we were talking about (even though we distinctly told him to stay in his room) and the one who probably made the noise that woke me up when he opened his bedroom door.  I still don't know where the miscommunication between him and my sister occurred but if we were told that he was the one who tripped off the alarm in the first place, it would have saved us from a hell lot of suffering.  Funny story to share with our friends though lol.

P/s: Starting to feel like the boy who cried wolf :(

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Hungry Monster

We made a brief stop at Coles straight after work yesterday to buy some Philedephia cream cheese.  Our housemate informed us that it's currently on offer and if we were to buy 2 packets of the product, we would get 2 dessert glasses for free.  I really really like the glasses and have been meaning to get something similar for when I make individual tiramisu or deconstructed cheesecake.  I ended up getting 4 packets of the cream cheese =_____=  Now to figure out what to do with them.  Fatty bon-bon, here I come.

Remember the adage about not going shopping for food when you're really hungry? Well, I was famished, so everything looked so tempting.  I was so hungry, my ability to make judgements was impaired.  Here's an example of the conversation between my sister and I when we were trying to pick which bread to choose:

Bi:  So which one should we get? Bread A costs a bit more but it's packed with grains and expires later than Bread B.  Bread B costs a little less but comes with less grainy goodness.

Me: (looking at the breads) Bread A is thickly cut and has less slices. Bread B is thinly cut and has MORE slices.  Should we get bread B?

Bi:  You think so? But bread A looks healthier and we probably can't finish bread B before it expires?

Me:  But we'd definitely finish bread A in a day! We could have 2 slices of bread B per day!

Bi: You're only saying that cause you're hungry now

Me:  ....Ok...Let's get bread A then but one slice is not enough...I want cereals with the bread

Bi: Ok

FYI, we havnt even touched the bread and usually dont eat much breakfast anyway.  See how scary shopping on empty stomach is.  Another conversation regarding chips:

Me:  I spy chips on sale!!! 3 for $8!

Bi: I thought we're going to eat healthier now?

Me:  They have a new flavour!! Mediterranean thick cut chips!!

Bi:  *swaying*

Me:  Buy!!!

Bi:  Feed me in the car while I'm driving!

After that I ushered my sister out of the shop saying "Lets get out before we buy anything else we dont need", when in actual fact, I was dying to eat the chips.  Lol.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Ghostly Encounter

We went for a steamboat potluck at some friends' house the other day, and as is our unofficial custom after dessert, we started telling scary ghost stories. My sister reminded me to recount my own personal experience and after managing to spook the girls, I thought, Hey! I could write my own ghost story!

So, to commemorate the chinese's Hungry Ghost Festival, my new post shall be about an encounter that happened during our family trip to Taiwan.  

Since I tend to forget where we've visited on previous tours, I decided to produce a collage of photos, write a brief summary of the places we've been to and upload them at the end of each day.  Walla! Instant mini travel journal.

Fifth day into our trip, our tour guide decided that we had ample of time before lunch to do a quick impromptu tour of Lin An-Tai Old Homestead.  Our initial thought was, cool...same surname.  To give a very brief summary, the ancient courtyard home was built by the Lin (Ling) family over 160 years ago, dismantled from its original site and reassembled at the current location for public viewing.  We were told that it is a well known filming location for period dramas and in fact, my brother saw filming crews there on the day we visited.

We entered through what I took to be the main courtyard which led us to a lake pavilion.  The view was impressive and we stopped to take a few photos.  We then wandered off to the main house with rooms connected via a series of corridors/passageways.  Almost all the rooms were furnished with traditional furniture which brought back childhood memories for my parents.  Mum was especially ecstatic upon discovering the kitchen and informed us that the traditional cook stove was exactly like the one she used to tend when she was a child.  The next room we entered consists of a huge and intricately designed timber framed bed, a mirrored dressing table and chair.  This particular room was darker than the other rooms and we were a little creeped out by the intimidating bed.  Dad figured that this could be the Bridal chamber.  He suggested that we have our photos taken while seated at the dressing table, to which we obliged.  I took a photo of my sister and she, in turn, took 2 photos of me.  One unsmiling, and because I wasn't happy with the result, another one of me smiling.

We then proceeded to the main ancestral hall which was decorated with ancestral pictures on the walls, a main alter with tablets, some food offering and chairs on each side of the table.  While mum and dad were waiting for their turn, our tour guide entered the room and reminded everyone to smile when they have their photo taken.  From the way he said it, I think everyone in the room understood that not doing so would possibly offend any lingering spirits. We didnt have time to linger, so after a final family photo in front of the homestead's gate, we left the venue and proceeded to lunch.

You're all probably getting really impatient by now and thinking, WTH, is that all?? Lol. Anyway, the last 2 days of the tour were really hectic which resulted in me neglecting to post any update.  While lying in bed a few days after arriving in Adelaide, I decided to browse through my photos taken at Lin An-Tai and pick out a few for the collages. I was flicking through the photos we took in the Bridal Chamber when I noticed that in 2 of the photos, the mirror behind us was clear, whereas a single photo showed a blueish shadow at the back.

 Clear mirror 
 Clear mirror
 Blue-ish shadow on mirror

Wondering what the blueish tinge is, I decided to zoom in to see what it is. 

And I saw her straight away.

In case you lack imagination, I have tried to make her clearer.  She looks like a bride in traditonal bridal hat/headdress.  I tried to find a similar one on google and this is what I found.

However, it's a headress for mongolian bride, which doesnt make much sense =/

I contemplated telling my sister about it but decided to leave it till the next morning so as not to spoil her sleep. Lol. Everyone's been asking how I felt since the discovery and all I can say is....It's cool.  She didn't do anything bad.  The vision probably appeared because she was upset that I didn't smile. (Notice that she only appeared in the unsmiling photo and remember what our tour guide reminded us to do when taking pictures)  I'm just glad that she's pretty and not a deformed creature with fangs.  I am also intrigued.  About the occupants who stayed there many centuries ago, especially the females.  How their lives were like.  BUT! Saying that, I hope that she doesn't decide to pop up in any of my future photos.  R.I.P. please.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

MAS - Malaysia Airlines "WE LOVE YOU"

There.  That title should be flashy enough right?  I hope some big shots from MAS read this and give me lifetime privileges for the free advert I am about to offer them. (as suggested by mum jokingly - or not?)  It's been ages since I'm back but, what the heck, might as well write something to mark my first entry for 2013.

We went on a short trip back to Malaysia in September.  Nothing profound or out of the ordinary happened during our trip back.  As usual, we spent the majority of our time eating, shopping, eating and eating again.  (a whole lot of incidents with my adorable nephew but that is totally another story)  For the record, we flew with MAS everywhere.  ADL-KL-PNG-KL-BTU-KL-ADL
We are SUPER loyal customers *puppy eyes*

Anyway, to cut it short, on the day my younger sister and I were due to fly back to Adelaide, our connecting flight from Bintulu to KL were delayed.  I wrote delayed but in actual term, the flight was aborted.  We all boarded the plane on time but the plane seemed to have difficulty taking off.  You know how the plane always glides around slowly to the take off point before launching into full throttle and lifting off?  Well, our little guy tried oh-so-very-hard to lift off but for some reason, went back to his very slow glide at the last moment.  This happened twice.  When the pilot finally announced that there is a fault to the brakes and that they had to abort the flight until this is rectified, I knew that we were in deep s*** and would miss our return flight to Adelaide.  We were herded back to the airport 'lounge' and in the end, the flight was delayed for 5+ hours. We lined up and ate our late dinner refugee style in the waiting area.  No announcements were made and the whole experience sucks. On top of that, we were really apprehensive about our flight to Adelaide.  The staff in Bintulu airport were curt and unhelpful when we enquired about our connecting flight.  They're surely due for a proper training in customer service. *nose in the air*

We reached KLIA about 2++ in the morning and rushed to the nearest ticketing counter to enquire about our missed flight.  As there is no more flight bound for Adelaide until late that night, we were offered complimentary breakfast, lunch, dinner and accommodation vouchers.  I really have to commend the courtesy and professionalism shown to us by the ticketing staffs in KLIA.   They were very helpful and answered every questions calmly and without any hint of irritation.  Seeing that there's only 2 of us girls, the staff arranged for us to stay in the airport hotel and gave us ample supply of meal vouchers.  While waiting for our new tickets and vouchers, I notice an irate japanese on the counter next to mine.  I'll try to reconstruct the conversation from what I remember:-

Japanese : They are expecting me in Narita this morning (expressed angrily)
Airport Staff :  We are really sorry for this.  We will get you onto the next available flight.
Japanese : humph
Airport Staff : (Explaining to the Japanese about his new itinerary) and we will provide you with a hotel voucher
Japanese : Can you give me entry to the First Class Lounge...I dont want the hotel voucher
Airport Staff : I will see what I can do, Sir.  I will have to check with my supervisor (promptly made a call)
Airport Staff : (Explaining the circumstances to his superior in Bahasa Malaysia and after having another glance at the irate japanese's face, added...)
Baik kita bagi dia First Class Lounge.  Kalau tidak, nanti dia pancung kepala ku. (translate: Let's just give him access to the First Class Lounge. If we dont, I am sure he will have my head for this)

I had to LOL after hearing that remark, especially since he said it in such a calm voice.  All in all, we were very happy with their service.  Everyone we encountered, from the airport luggage staff to the hotel buggy driver in KLIA, had been really friendly.  Such a vast difference from the staff in Bintulu.  Instead of sweeping the incident under the rug as an unfortunate one, we were able to really enjoy our stay-over, thanks to them.  Here are some of the pictures that I have taken in addition to my commentaries during our escapade.

Stranded in KL and missed our connecting flight to Adelaide.  Pros-Given meal vouchers worth RM185 each and airport hotel voucher,  Cons-No sleep for almost 24 hours and going straight to a full day's work after an 8-hour flight tomorrow.  Dang! Time to splurge on breakfast and then hit the sack!

We had Rm130 to spend on breakfast.  Splurged it on Chocolat Viennois, scampi risotto, seafood omelette and smoked salmon croissant.  Seriously overpriced and the food is very average with undercooked risotto and tough seafood.  Major fail.

Lunch update : RM 120 to spend and our "piece de resistance" is the lamb shank.  We also ordered smoked salmon croissant (again), egg mayo croissant, tuna mushroom feuillette and mochas.  Croissants are very light and fluffy.  Lamb shank soft but at this point, we are too full to give it much credit.

Finale : Dinner.  Were kicked out of Fukuya, Starbucks and Coffee Bean.  By this point, we were so sick of food we decided to have desserts and light foods.  The foods that we have consumed today would have been enough to feed a family of 5 for 3 days and 3 nights. =____= Food is so so.  Ordered sandwiches and cakes and both cold and hot drinks.  I have long since lifted my white flag..admitting defeat

We're such pigs. Lol.  As luck would have it, we managed to arrive in Adelaide early and were able to make it in time to work right after we dropped our luggages at home.  Was on a high the whole morning thinking, wow...this is fun! I feel GRRRREAT!
.....but spent the afternoon trying to fight the invasion of the sleeping bunnies.  I nearly fainted from exhaustion.

All in all, we had fun and will consider it as a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. ^^ We're glad we flew with MAS! *puppy eyes take 2*

p/s: Dear MAS, please message me for my postal address. Any form of payment for free advert will be gladly accepted. Yours truly, Your most loyal frequent flyer.

Thursday, 25 October 2012


Crabbing season is ON!  We’ve been planning to give this activity a go since a few weeks back but have, unfortunately, had to put it off a couple of times due to various reasons.

Last Saturday, on a perfect sunny day, about 13 of us + a super cute baby set off around mid morning (10-ish am) to Port Parham which is located towards the North of Adelaide.  It took us about 45 minutes from our meet-up point (a friend’s house in Mawson Lakes) to reach the beach.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with crabbing, the season in South Australia is officially open from September to April.  There are many crabbing locations here but I have been told that Port Parham and Port Gawler are probably two of the more well known spots. The high tide on that day happens around 7-ish am whereas low tide happens around 12-1-ish pm.  We arrived about 2 hours before the low tide happens and I found out after the fact that we were there at the best time.  There weren’t a lot of people around at the time of our arrival and most, I suspect, are veterans as they don’t come in groups like we did.  Another way to tell that they are veterans is the fact that there are no screams coming from their directions.

Setting off on a fine day
Everyone pushing on to where the crabs lie
Crab Mowers???
Happy Family =)

Before I go any further, let me list down crabbing paraphernalia you’ll need for the activity:

1)      Rain boots – We spent several days combing shops for cheap and serviceable rain boots in preparation for our outing.  Not willing to fork out $30 for a pair if it’s going to be worn only once so in the end decided to go barefoot.  Do this at your own risk.
2)      Crab rake – The idea is to poke the crabs with it and the crabs would automatically grab onto the rake in attack mode. ├čNo fingers allowed!  No baits required.
3)      Kitchen tongs – This is an ingenious equipment for crabbing.  Crab rake doesn’t really work because some of the crabs would let go before we could get them into the bucket.  With the tongs, we were able to grab hold of them and chuck them into the bucket.
4)      Buckets – for the crabs obviously.  We saw some veterans with esky-like boxes tied with a string that is then tied around their midriff.  We think it’s really clever as it frees both their hands for the task.  Must make sure there’s a lid to it though or I imagine the crabs would crawl free and start to sing ‘The Freedom Song’.
5)      Plastic bags – For rubbish and wet slippers and some knick knacks you pick along the way.

It’s a surprisingly long trek from the beach to where the crabs are.  I started off wearing rain boots lent by a friend but took them off midway because the boots were chafing against my legs and blisters had started to form.  A note of advise for those wearing boots : wear socks even though it’s going to end up getting soaked because sea water and gritty sand would get inside the boots regardless. The sand would then act like an abrasive agent and create blisters.   So, wear socks!  It’s been a painful lesson to me as my blisters have yet to heal. T^T  FYI, I had to trek all the way back to the shore to store the boots and then all the way back out to sea again.  All in all it’s been a great workout.  The waters generally came up to my knee but in some parts, I’d be soaked up to my mid thighs.  So another thing to take note of is to wear really short shorts.  Walking barefoot is bearable although some parts would be scattered with broken sea shells and some rather sharp marine weed-like plants.  However, the greatest threat of all for the bare footed is still the crabs themselves. 

First Crab of the Day!
Crab in a Bucket

When we entered ‘crab territory’ and heard screams from, I presume, people who had been privileged by attacks from the crabs, I started to hyperventilate and held on tightly to my sister’s arm.  She’s wearing boots and as such was, in my eyes, my personal savior.   She kept saying to me ‘Don’t worry.  I’ll protect you with my boots.  You just walk behind me ok?’  Lol.   At one point, when I heard a particularly loud scream, I really contemplated climbing onto my sister’s back.  XD  Anyway, I got used to the adrenalin soon and started to keep my eyes peeled for the little beasts.  My first catch of the day happened as soon as I started to relax.  I felt a shocking nip to my ankles, let out a loud scream and automatically reached down with my tongs and grabbed the offending crab off the sea.  All in all, I grabbed 3 crabs for the day and received about 4 or 5 bites.  I have to say that for me personally, the bites weren’t painful at all.  However, my mum and bro both shed a bit of blood.  One bite was particularly painful for mum that when she screamed and lifted her foot, she separated one unfortunate crab from one of its claw.  I guess it depends on where you’re bitten.  Just make sure that your toes are safe and you’ll be fine….hopefully.

Me and baby Lucas - Cute as a button in his boots!
Group Photo!

Another thing to take note of before you start your forage for crabs is to ensure that you refer to PIRSA Fisheries and the Fish SA’s websites for legal sizes of crabs allowed (in our case, for blue swimmers crab, it’s 11cm across the body part) in addition to the number of crabs per bag/person (40 crabs each for blue swimmers). 

We based our estimation on sight only and I have been informed that that is actually not acceptable.  We were lucky that no enforcers were roaming about on that particular day because if we’d been caught without any physical measuring tools, we would either have been fined, or asked to throw back all the crabs we had caught and get kicked off the beach.

After a light picnic and splitting up the crabs (we caught about 50 crabs), we went back to quickly clean and prepare the crabs. 

Cleaned and Prepared Crabs
Steps to clean and prepare a crab (this is going to be gruesome so skip if you’re squeamish):-

1)      As we’re in a hurry and also because there’s no more space in the freezer to freeze them to death, we had to kill them inhumanely.  Use a sharp knife and stab them through the middle.  Sayonara baby.
2)      Flip them to their back and grab hold of the flap at the back of where the head is (head as in the part the eyes are located) and rip the flap away.
3)      Mum suggested scrubbing the crabs with a brush to get rid of the sand but I was lazy so I just rubbed them with my fingers under a running tap.  Make sure to rub between the legs…er claws.
4)      Slide your thumb between the top part of the shell and the body part and crack the top shell off.  The crabs’ intestines will then be exposed.  In case you’re wondering, the intestines are the gill like rubbery strips on the body.  Peel off the gills as best as you can.  Make sure you get them all off as I’ve read that they’re bacteria infested.  Then clean the body part again with water and scrub off any residue sand.  For big crabs, cut the body in half for ease of handling.  Luckily, blue swimmers have much softer shells compared to mud crabs so this was a fairly easy task.
5)      Back to the top shell.  At the very top of the shell, dig around until you find a black sac and pull them off.  Mum called it the shit sac.  I know some people would also clean the top shell of the yellowy mush but we actually find it a delicacy so we left that on.

Wok Tossed Chilli Crabs

After our bath, we congregate again at Jas and Kevin’s house to cook the crabs.  Every household did different versions.  We had Singapore Chili Crabs, Black Pepper Crabs, Egg Crabs and mum did a Red Wine and Eggs Crabs.  A Crab Feast.  We ate till we can eat no more.  We also helped a friend celebrate his birthday that night.  He was not a fan of crabs and didn’t eat much of it.  The cake we bought didn’t come with candles and there were unfortunately no candles available at our host’s home.  In the end, we had to improvise with a lighter.  =.=  I expect it’s one of his worse birthday celebration ever.  Sorry Ah Yi.  Haha.

Crab Feast~
Group photo with the Birthday Boy.  No candles so we used our fingers.  22 for 22nd Birthday XD

Onwards and upwards to other activities! XD  All photos are courtesy of Jaslyn and Ah Yi (the birthday boy).  Thanks guys!