Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Hungry Monster

We made a brief stop at Coles straight after work yesterday to buy some Philedephia cream cheese.  Our housemate informed us that it's currently on offer and if we were to buy 2 packets of the product, we would get 2 dessert glasses for free.  I really really like the glasses and have been meaning to get something similar for when I make individual tiramisu or deconstructed cheesecake.  I ended up getting 4 packets of the cream cheese =_____=  Now to figure out what to do with them.  Fatty bon-bon, here I come.

Remember the adage about not going shopping for food when you're really hungry? Well, I was famished, so everything looked so tempting.  I was so hungry, my ability to make judgements was impaired.  Here's an example of the conversation between my sister and I when we were trying to pick which bread to choose:

Bi:  So which one should we get? Bread A costs a bit more but it's packed with grains and expires later than Bread B.  Bread B costs a little less but comes with less grainy goodness.

Me: (looking at the breads) Bread A is thickly cut and has less slices. Bread B is thinly cut and has MORE slices.  Should we get bread B?

Bi:  You think so? But bread A looks healthier and we probably can't finish bread B before it expires?

Me:  But we'd definitely finish bread A in a day! We could have 2 slices of bread B per day!

Bi: You're only saying that cause you're hungry now

Me:  ....Ok...Let's get bread A then but one slice is not enough...I want cereals with the bread

Bi: Ok

FYI, we havnt even touched the bread and usually dont eat much breakfast anyway.  See how scary shopping on empty stomach is.  Another conversation regarding chips:

Me:  I spy chips on sale!!! 3 for $8!

Bi: I thought we're going to eat healthier now?

Me:  They have a new flavour!! Mediterranean thick cut chips!!

Bi:  *swaying*

Me:  Buy!!!

Bi:  Feed me in the car while I'm driving!

After that I ushered my sister out of the shop saying "Lets get out before we buy anything else we dont need", when in actual fact, I was dying to eat the chips.  Lol.


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