Thursday, 29 October 2015

Free Bus Ride!

I rode the bus for free today.

Got on the bus, swiped my card and realised that it is low on fund and I don't have enough for the ticket.  No problem.  Took out my purse and, horror of horrors, discovered that there's no cash nor coins at all in there.  *sweat*  Started raiding my bag and turned everything upside down.  Not a cent.  Damn.  By this point, I contemplated looking around with puppy eyes and hope that some kind soul get the point and offer to lend me the money.  Exchange the money with the apple I have in my lunch bag, maybe.  Before I even lifted my head, I already know the task is too much to ask for a thin skinned person like myself.

So, with my head bowed low, I went up to the bus driver and told him with a sheepish smile.  "Sorry, I am out of fund and realised that I forgot to bring any cash today" *cue puppy eyes*  The driver looked at me and said "Go and sit down.  Next time remember to top up"  (puppy eyes must have worked) I shuffled back to my seat, a little embarrassed.  Heard a few guys whispering at the back "What happened?" "She forgot to bring cash" Put on my earphones to block the noise and thought to myself...It's ok...I get to ride for free today...

I could have topped up my card on the bus on the spot from my phone with my credit card if Adelaide Metro doesn't take a whole 24 hour to process a purchase online.  Time to step it up guys.  It's the 15th year of the 21st century for goodness sake.  Everything should be by card.

p/s:  Thanked mister driver before I got off the bus.  Should've given him a thumbs up and my apple.


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