Monday, 3 August 2009

Vain Ol' Vain Ol'

*sigh* Today had been hectic. 2 meetings in a day but luckily they were quite brief. I wont go into detail about the meetings and I normally dont talk about work as I feel that I would be breaking a code of conduct or something. A site meeting tomorrow morning (I hate site meetings..wish I could do away with those..well, I hate meetings in general), an internal meeting on wednesday and a possible meeting this week to present our restaurant fit-outs design. *double sigh* Tired just from thinking about them and it's only Monday! Anyway, the week would probably fly by which may be a good thing. I need a break!!!

I have to take my bath but am procrastinating as today is my hair washing day. Being a girl is a pain at times like this. To give you an idea I would list down my ritual ; put on cleansing milk and massage all over made-up face - sponge off - wash face with cleanser - shower - shampoo hair - wash - put on conditioner - rinse off - rub on body shampoo - shower - rub hair dry and tie a turban - put on body lotion (sometimes) - put hair gel on hair - blow dry - use toner on face - put on moisturiser. Hiuh..long list huh. All that takes at least half an hour. By the time I am done I am almost ready for bed. Better get cracking then. >_~..


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