Friday, 20 November 2009

How Do You Do Etiquette

I wonder what the deal is with How do you dos. I don't think I've ever had so many how are yous thrown my way back in Malaysia. The most I get as a way of greeting is a Good morning/afternoon/evening. It's probably an Australian thing. I get at least 4 of that everyday and one of my colleague has a tendency to ask me that everytime we walk pass each other.(hopefully not because he sees me frowning all the time) My responses have always been predictable and lame. "I'm fine thank you" (remembering to smile here)..and I sometimes like to vary it with "I'm good! How about you?" or "I'm's a bit hot today don't you think?" To spice things up, I sometimes just said good morning, smile and left it at that. Even if my house had been swept away by typhoon and my body is crippled with a disease, I'd probably still answer "I am fine thank you" (with a smile). I've never really felt comfortable talking about myself and I am almost sure no one would want a long winded story of how I REALLY am. Everyone probably just ask that and expect to hear the customary answer. Imagine asking that and having someone answer "Not good...not good at all. I just found out that I am in the last stage of cancer" (silencee~~~~sounds of crickets) (-___-)

I have a client who always seems to be in a hurry. An example of our phone conversation would be as follows;-

Me: Hi..Peggy speaking
Client: Hi Peggy. xxx here. How are you?
Me: Fine thanks. Yourself?
Client: Peggy, can you help me with.......

See that? See how he didnt answer my question and left me hanging?? He did that EVERY SINGLE TIME!! and still I am obligated to ask as it is common courtesy. *sigh* I sometimes think why bother.


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