Monday, 26 July 2010

The FLU *eerie scream*

My facial bones hurt. My muscles ache. My nose has turned into a running tap and is sore and red from continuous rubbing with tissue papers (more like sandpaper). My lips are cracked and sore and to close them or pucker up hurts like hell. My chest is congested and I cough like an asthmatic old man. (or lady..whatever..sounds the same anyway) My throbbing head feels like lead and I can feel my eyes rolling around in my head occasionally. Fingers and toes are frozen and numb. Cant breath through my nostrils so mouth opened like a fish gasping for air at night. (which resulted in a parched dry throat that makes me cry when I swallow in the morning)

Oh yeah..the yearly cold is back with a vengeance. Every single freaking year without miss. Yeay to predictability and to Vitamin C supplement that I take without fail everyday..mlm. That is all. The end.

p/s: On a happy note, the good thing about a cold is the verrryyy sexy hoarse voice that comes with it. hubba..hubba.


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