Tuesday, 21 February 2012

2012 Resolutions

My first blog for the year 2012. =) To be frank, the new year hasn’t started well for me. Something depressing happened and it’s been hard going. Still am in fact. I realized that despite my advancing age, (omg..even that sounds depressing) there are certainly many things for which I am much too naïve and gullible in. Thinking I am much stronger in mind and spirit than I actually am. How sad. =( A few days back, overcame with sadness while on a walk with my sister, I embarrassingly shed silent tears T^T which shocked my sister no end. @_@ <---her expression. Lol. Sorry bi! Even though she was concerned, knowing my nature, she did not insist on me divulging the whys and for that I am eternally grateful. However, the walk and the small talks we had regarding nothing at all eases my soul. So in order not to feel sorry for myself for too long and to help shake off the blues, I am going to write down my 2012 resolutions and hope to tick each of them off by the end of the year. Fingers crossed.

1) Top most would of course be to finally complete my APE Part 3 exam and register as an architect in Australia. I have fortunately completed and passed both Part 1 (logbook submission) and Part 2 (National examination paper),however, I had to forego my Part 3 (Interview) as a result of a pre-planned and paid vacation oversea. I am so not looking forward to the Oral examination in May. Talking is definitely not my forte.

2) When depressed, Write! So here I am doing exactly that.

3) Sketch more! Lol..I remember that for all my past presentations during my final 2 years in uni, I’ve used blue lead for all my sketches and somehow have come to think of it as my trademark. So, I am going to hit the supply shops and hopefully find myself some blue lead and of course, start sketching!

4) Go on another oversea holiday mid of the year. Probably Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong combined, if possible. I’ve been to Hong Kong but only for a day + and that was mostly spent shopping so didn’t get to see much of the country. Parents will be coming for a holiday in June and my exam is in May so hopefully somewhere in between July and October. We’ll REALLY need a holiday come the second part of the year since the public holidays will be few and very far in between.

5) Meet more people and hopefully find real love! I am determined a few bad experiences wouldn’t make me lose hope. Even if the whole world tells me there’s no such thing as true, unshakeable love, I will keep on believing until I turn into an old crone.

6) Lose more weight. Through daily walks, hiking, swimming, whatever means available. Dressing up on a plump body is definitely no fun at all. My motto is “When depressed, buy clothes!”

7) To appreciate what I already have. This is actually my younger sister’s resolution. I just thought I’d share it as it’s such a nice resolution. When things are dragging you down and you are thinking that there’s no meaning to life, listing down all your blessings will definitely make you feel luckier and more privileged than you realize.

8) I just got word today that one of the mixed development that I have designed and documented from scratch will be starting construction very soon. Even though I despise site meetings and did not enjoy handling contract administration on my previous project, I am going to try my damn-est this time to enjoy it more! Be more assertive Peggy!

9) All the resolutions that I have written above are easily achievable (except perhaps Item 5 and Item 1) so I am going to think about one more resolution that will shake up my whole year. Probably uproot myself and move somewhere else, say Perth. Or think of serving in the church. Or take up driving again (my boss kept pushing me!). Lol..I cant really think of any extreme resolutions at the moment but I’ll keep you posted!

p/s: I did something extreme early this year and had my hair chopped off. I like it though. A new me. When I’m bored with that I’ll consider a short perm. ^_^V


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