Thursday, 11 October 2012

Let it snow!
It snowed at Mt. Lofty,  albeit only around 50mm on the ground BUT STILL it snowed!! In spring! The whole of Adelaide is excited and it’s like Christmas is here.  Wish I could take the day off to play.  It should've snowed when we went there for our hike last Saturday.  Great hike but our endurance was so bad, we had to stop every few minutes during the walk up, which was embarrassing considering  there were people with pom poms along the trail cheering everyone on.  Hmm..I still havnt found out what that’s all about. 

The trail we took was the Waterfall Gully to Mount Lofty Hike

We hiked through a stretch of bushfire re-growth nearer towards the peak and the trees there are still charred from a bushfire back in 1983.  I just had to stop and wonder at the surprising beauty of it all.  The whole place smells of roasted potatoes, sun’s out and the day was perfect.  It couldn’t have been more obvious that spring is here.  The hike down was so much easier without any stop.  Took us nearly 3 hours to and fro but it’s been fun. 

This week, rain started to pour and it’s been hailing on and off.  Everything has been so disjointed.  What with daylight saving (a waste of my precious hour) and hailing at night, I havn’t been able to catch much sleep.  Been digging out my summer clothes but I guess it’s still too early for that.  =(  It's a love-hate affair with this crazy weather.  I'd forgive the inconvenience if only it'd snow all over Adelaide.   Enough for us to throw snow balls and build a snow man with. =p


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