Sunday, 11 November 2007

4 months' lapse

Geez. This is horrible. I've only written 2 entries so far and there's a gap of around 4 months where I didnt write anything at all. Hurray me...there goes my pledge to write down everything and anything under the sun.

We (mum -yippe, she's in Adelaide with us now, me and my sis) went to see Adelaide's Christmas Parade, yesterday. We really enjoyed the event eventhough it was hot and sunny. There's floats and clowns and bands and everyone seems happy and carefree. The streets were packed with people of all ages and ethnic. Some brought their own rugs and chairs to sit on. Some sat directly on the baking pavement and doodled on it with chalks to pass the time. Some clever ones came early and sat in the bus and tram shade. Some parents hoist their children up the shopfronts' high window sills to avoid them from being trampled on (I suspect) and of course, to give them a better view of the whole procession. I felt kindda sorry for those who had to walk around in costumes as the weather was really punishing but I guess that hot is preferable to rain. The parade lasted for more than an hour. The mood here is already festive and yet we have a month to go before Christmas. I've even changed my ringtone to 'Joy to the World'.

After that we went to the Tourist and Info Centre so that I could collect brochures for our family trip around SA end of this year. This is probably going to be the last time we will tour South Australia so I'm hoping that I've squeezed everything in. We will be 'up-rooting' again and moving to Melbourne early next year after my sister's graduation.

I'm in the middle of a book titled 'Down Under' by Bill Bryson borrowed to me by my colleague. It's a really good 'travel' book and the author is very entertaining. He manages to make even history fun for me. There's a lot of facts and history of Australia crammed inside but it reads so effortlessly that you'd think that you're reading a novel. Hope that I'll be able to remember everything and become a paragon of information during our trip *smirk*.

Until I feel the urge to write again. Adios!~


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