Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Can't Get It Out of My Head

If embarrassment could kill I'd probably have died a very painful death today. I got on a bus back to the city after work and for some weird reason there were a lot of ppl in the bus today and the seats at the back were all taken. I had to take the seat on the very front row which I've always tried to avoid as it's higher up than all the other seats. This is where my nightmare begins. When the bus reaches my stop, I slithered off my seat as I couldnt reach the floor. As soon as I've landed on my feet, I felt draft on my legs, looked down, and to my horror saw my long skirt puddled around my ankle. Everything was in slow mo and I even heard people gasping and exclaiming (arggghhhh!! the memory!!!) As I was standing right in front of the bus door and the bus was lighted from within, everyone outside the bus could see me as well. My mind went numb and I reached down and pulled my skirt up and zipped it up while everyone else passes me by. I tried to pretend that I am not affected and got down the bus without uttering a single word but all the while my brain was screaming SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!

I am ruined! I see most of them daily as I take the same bus to work and back! The thought of seeing them again tomorrow fills me with dread..I could curl up and die! They'll probably recount it at their dinner table and I will be forever known as the girl who flashes her underwear.

However, after much tears and a lot of anguish, I went and googled up 'skirt fell down' and to my utter relief, saw that I am not the only who'd gone through that humiliating experience. (I think mine still top it all though) Reading about all that makes me feel a little less suicidal and the experience a little bit funnier. So I am putting it all down to...1) exorcise the bad experience 2) let others know that they r not alone 3) explain that I didnt do it on purpose 4) apologize for flashing my ugly butt 5) be able to read again and find humour.



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