Saturday, 18 July 2009

The Apple of Our Eyes

I was reading a manga that has a baby theme the other day and the little tot reminded me of my baby nephew. So unbearably cute...when his mood is right. At other times though, he would be like a spoilt royal highness who must have his demands met at the snap of his fingers. His full blown bawl is really a sight to behold. It makes you wonder how those tiny lungs can produce such powerful sound that causes adults to have palpitations. Really scary. If I am alone with him and sees him scrunching up his face, I would grab him, run to wherever my sister is and deposit him in her arms. Let the pro handle him.

Mum, my sis, nephew and myself went to a hotel for lunch during our trip back to Malaysia last year. While we were waiting for our orders, my nephew who had been quietly playing with his cars suddenly lost his temper, threw the cars and started to howl in earnest. My sister tried to quiet him down but was rewarded with a vigorous hair pulling. I tried to make him break his hold but believe you me, the little fella is an incredible hulk in disguise. Remember that this happened in a hotel restaurant. The horror! My mum and sis rushed the incredible hulk out of the restaurant and left me to fend for myself. With my face burning with embarrassment, I requested for take aways and waited patiently while people around continued to gawp at me. As soon as we got in the car, the tears stopped. We think he just wants us to bring him for rides. The little devil.

But for all his tantrums and moods, there are much more incidents where he made my heart melt. I remember putting on sunglasses and talking to him once. He loves it and stared at me as if transfixed and won't let me take it down. I smiled and said hi softly to him a couple of times and he suddenly smiled back and repeated the greeting in a very soft and gentle voice! My heart!! My heart has been stolen!! He loves watching 'Finding Nemo' and can memorize all the scenes. Whenever the whale or jellyfish is due to appear, he would pull my arms around him and whimper. The first time he did that, I was bewildered but my sister explained that he couldnt stand it when Dory got stung by the jellyfishes or when they got swallowed by the whale. So cute! I love it when my sister sang the teddy bear song and when she got to the part where she said..he's my favourite one! he would always always laugh. There's another time when I got in the car after having my hair permed and baby Joel kept turning to look at me sitting at the back and smiling as if to say..' look different!' I love to see him running around in his diapers and would hate the day when he is potty trained. I think that would mark the end of babyhood. I love it when I carry him and he lays his head on my chest so trustingly. The list is endless eventhough I normally see him only once a year and a few weeks at a time. Being the first grandchild from both sides, he will always be precious to us. It is hard to imagine that less than 3 years ago, this little gem was still absent from our lives.

I envy my sister. She is a very dedicated mother and has to sacrifice a lot for her child. Not having had a good sleep ever since she becomes a mother. Rushing home from work every lunch break just so she can spend a few minutes with my nephew. Giving him the best of everything. She says it's all worth it. Mum says it's worth it as well eventhough we were an ungrateful bunch (she says) Well, I hope I would one day feel ready to bear such responsibility. But first I have to find a man to settle down with and I have a feeling that would be a long time coming. O-H-W-E-L-L what will be will be I guess.


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