Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Grandma, Wo Hen Tong Ku T^T

Nephew's sick...again.  He asked to webcam last Sunday which I happily obliged.  In spite of a fever and coughs, with a cooling patch stuck on his forehead, he was still very energetic and talked non stop about his Bakugan collection.  He loves them dearly.  Halfway talking, he kept rubbing between his eyes in very impatient movements.  I was baffled but even when I asked what is wrong, he kept on talking.  Da jie heard me and looking at the way he was rubbing, she guessed rightly that he had a headache.  She decided to end the video call so he can have a nap.  As she was leading him away, he kept turning around to wave and blow me kisses.  He even extended his head to make sure that I can see him while he was walking away *melts*

That night, they found ulcers in his mouth and suspected that he had contracted the hand, foot and mouth disease.  Went to the doctor's but was advised that it's not what they feared and was sent home with advise to monitor him further.  The very next day, with more ulcers and fever that would not abate, they went to another doctor and was informed that, true to their fears, it is indeed Coxsackie.  They suspected that he contracted the very infectious virus at nursery.  However, with so many babies with the virus already admitted to the hospital (I think there's an outbreak in Penang so to all parents there, take care!) , he was sent home with antibiotics.  I googled up coxsackie on the net and the images that came up look really painful.  My poor nephew.   I can only imagine how much pain he is in.  He told mum "Grandma, wo hen tong ku" <---"Grandma, I am suffering." T^T  He's started to form blisters on his body as of last night.  Was told that the whole process would take about a week.  My sister's joining a new company today and my heart goes out to her.  She must be under so much stress.  It's definitely tough being a parent.

p/s:  There's so many grey areas in medicine and high likelihood of misdiagnosis, so seek second opinions for sicknesses which are out of the ordinary.  One of my aunt was diagnosed with an illness and given a bunch of medication to take only to be told by another doctor down the track that she had been wrongly diagnosed.  My younger sister had to undergo a major operation which could've been avoided with correct diagnosis earlier.  Thus, moral of the day is...doctors are sometimes wrong so pray really hard and do your own research.


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