Sunday, 27 May 2012

Is it because I am so cute?

Was chatting with da jie and she told me about the conversation she had with my nephew.  He's been strangely intrigued by the questions of life and death lately.  Would clutch my sister's hand at night, crying and begging her not to grow old and die.  Poor boy.  I wonder what's caused his anxiety.  Probably something that he came across while talking to his friends at the nursery.  Anyway, this is one of the funnier conversation that came out of the blue.

Joel: Mummy, why will old people die? Is it because they're so old already?
Da jie: Yes
Joel: Why?
Da jie: It's just like your old toys, the wheels will break, the doors are gone, everything's not working anymore.  It's the same with old people.  When they grow old, their body won't function as well.  Their hearts, their kidneys and many other organs in their body will not be doing their work properly.  That's why old people will die.
Joel: Just like old building will collapse issit?
Da jie: Yes
Joel: So old people will go to the graveyard and die issit?
Da jie: ??? No.  How will they know when they're going to die?  They wouldn't know.  You won't expect them to wait at the graveyard right? Who's going to bury them if they die there?
Joel: Because they're old old already. And they're almost dead already.  So they go to graveyard to die.
Da jie: Can they dig their own hole or cover themselves with soil when they die?
Joel: No.
Da jie: That's why they need their friends, or family or someone else to help bury them when they die.
Da jie: (quickly changes topic before he asks anymore baffling questions) Joel, are you cold? If you're cold or hot at school later, you have to make sure you tell your teacher ok.
Joel: Why? Is it because I'm very cute?

LOL!! Was informed by da jie that my nephew always thinks that everything has to do with him being cute.  Probably as a result of being proclaimed so by his adoring mother, grandmother and aunts. =p

Da jie: Don't simply run here and there.  If I don't see you later, bad guys will catch you.
Joel: Why do bad guys want to catch me?  Is it because I'm so cute?
Da jie: No. It's because they think you're a bad boy who never listens to mummy and daddy.  That's why they want to catch you.
Joel: Why do they want to catch me? Is it because I'm very cute?
Da jie: !!! No.
Joel: Is it because they want to eat me?
Da jie: !!!!

Haha..he IS cute!  Da jie told me he did really well in his exam (they have exams in nursery!!! Poor babies!) He's been a really good boy and never complained when asked to do his revision.  Congrats baby <3 Yi yi's so proud of you.


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