Thursday, 24 May 2012

Wedding dresses

I simply adore wedding dresses.  They're so fascinating.  Every time I walk into a shop with magazine stands, I would be tempted to flip open the bridal magazines just to see what people are wearing.  Minimalist design does nothing to my heart beat though.  It seems that the majority of couples now are opting for simple dresses a.k.a sleeveless/strapless, with little details and a sweep/court trains. (barely reaching the ground)  I guess in today's world, practicality overrides aesthetic.

I have always thought that wedding dresses of the past with it's many laces, long trains and intricate details are beyond charming.  I would have to say that Grace Kelly's tops them all.

Isn't it simply gorgeous??  I love the arm fitting lace sleeves, the empire waist, the tiny row of buttons (so chaste and delicate!) and the beaded juliette head dress.  The only thing I would change is the skirt I guess.  I personally think it's a little too stiff.  The sketch of the dress is superb~ <3 

There's been many Grace Kelly inspired wedding dresses, most notably worn by Kate Middleton recently.  My sister likes it though I think it's too simple for my taste.  The best in my opinion is Nicole Richie's.  Frankly, I think I prefer hers to the original.  When I first saw the photos I was like 'GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' & swoon.  Lol.

No flaws...nothing I would change about the dress!  Love the fluffy ball gown! I also love how she could detach the skirt and it instantly becomes a slim fitting dress.  Ingenious!

While I was browsing for the photos, I came across a couple of really cool alternative to veils.  These would look really good with minimalist wedding dresses.

I want to ditch architecture and study wedding  dress designs!


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