Wednesday, 23 May 2012

May Day

I love May.  The weather's great!  Getting colder and colder and raining on and off.  The sun's out but the sky is dark.  So romantic.  Having a banana while I am typing away.  Do you know that bruised bananas are actually good for you?  It turns out that the brown is a sign that the antioxidant levels have risen.  It’s a little icky but don’t spit the bruised parts away.  It’ll help you blast away diseases.

I’d been feeling lethargic and strangely depressed after my exam.  Felt lost and tearful, flitting here and there not knowing exactly what to do and not really wanting to do anything.  Turns out, it’s my pre-menstrual syndrome acting up.  Hallelujah! Scared me for a bit since I thought I might be experiencing a post exam depression.  Lol.  FYI, I passed!  m< ^o^ >m.  Mum had a premonition that we’ll receive a mail on that particular day and as soon as I reached home from work, she went to check and found the letter.  Am now licensed to open up my own practice, and get sued if anything goes wrong .….Frankly, I don’t see the point but it’s great to get it out of the way.  No more ‘important scary thing’ to do hanging over my head…except driving.

I've been purging on books lately.  And yes, purge as in reading a lot and vomiting them out again.  Ask me what I’ve read and I can only vaguely recall the plots and storylines.  None that made me want to stay up reading all night.  You might ask, What’s the point in reading then??  And I’ll say, Just because.  I bought 2 books by Linda Taylor online a few days back.  Couldn’t find any of her books on our library’s register, assumedly 1. since she’s a UK author or 2. because she’s not in demand and 3. because our library’s resources are too limited.  I have nothing else to read now except Reader’s Digest so am waiting very impatiently for their arrival.  In any case, our house is not that far from the suburb’s library.  Hopefully I’ll have time to drop in this weekend, bite the bullet and pay my fine of $30+.  I was lax in returning the books borrowed last year and unfortunately one of the books was a reserved copy, hence the fine.  =(  I adore the library here.  There’s bean bags, comfy sofas and full height windows all around.  Heaven~~

P/s : Dad’s coming to visit next weekend for 2 weeks and we have our trip to New Zealand in August to look forward to.  A lot of planning to do and I haven’t even started yet.  My boss came in to chat and told me about all the must visit places on the North of the Island.  Sounds awesome and I can’t wait!


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