Monday, 7 May 2012

Stressed Out!

I am super super stressed!!  I am so stressed I am probably in trauma *back-of-hand-over-the-forehead-fainting-gesture*   Was still frolicking in the sun and having fun a few days back.  Serves me right.  Want to curl up into a ball and just hibernate.  T^T 3 more days to go and I've just received my timetable for the oral exam yesterday.  The letter advised that "due to the large number of examinees this year bla..bla.." Dammit.  If there's a quota for the number of passes then I'm in big trouble.  Have been biting my nails in nervousness and stress ever since.  On one hand, I so want the whole thing to be over and done with, but on the other hand, I want time to slow down in case I haven't prepared myself well enough.  Problem is, I am not sure if I am even on the right track.  *sigh*  So strung up I just want to stand up and pace the room.  OMG! OMG! x___x

p/s: Been popping Vit.B Complex for a few days now with the hope that it'll calm my nerves but it's obviously not working.  Stupid supplements.  I should probably try high intensity yoga routine and hope that the pain will help annihilate my anxiety to nothingness.  -___- Hummmmmm.......(oh wait..that's for meditation  =p)


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